One Million Prediction Tips

Euros Q WomenAustria vs Poland1
MalaysiaKedah vs Kelantan1
ChinaChengdu vs Tianjin1
IrelandCork City vs Finn Harps1
Euros Q WomenBosnia vs Portugal2
ChinaShanghai Port vs Beijing Gouan1
Aus NSW League 1Bulls Academy vs Bonnyrigg1
NorwayBrann vs Haugesund1
BrazilAthletico PR vs Ypiranga1
SingaporeTampines vs DPMM1
NorwayViking vs Kristiansund1
ChinaShanghai Shenhua vs Changchun1
IrelandBohemians vs SligoOver 1.5
Euro Women QCroatia vs WalesOver 1.5
IrelandKerry vs BrayOver 1.5
Euro Women QBelgium vs DenmarkOver 1.5
ChilePalestino vs S WanderersOver 1.5
IrelandDundalk vs DroghedaOver 1.5
BrazilFlamengo vs FortalezaOver 1.5
Euro Women QAustria vs PolandOver 1.5
FinlandTPS vs SalpaOver 1.5
ChileCobreloa vs U DeportesOver 1.5
EstoniaParnu vs NommeOver 1.5
SwedenMjallby vs MalmoOver 1.5
FinlandSJK Akatemia vs PK-35Over 1.5
MalaysiaPerak vs PenangOver 1.5
EstoniaNarva vs KaljuOver 1.5
ChileU Espanola vs MagallanesOver 1.5
NorwaySarpsborg vs RosenborgGG
FriendlyUtrecht vs TruidenGG
IcelandIR Reykjavik vs GrindavuikGG
FriendlySilkeborg vs VendsysselGG
FinlandKeski vs KPVGG
NorwaySandefjord vs Bodo GlimtGG
NorwayKvik vs FlekkeroyGG
NorwayLillestrom vs StromsgodsetGG
BrazilFlamengoi vs Fortaleza1X
Aus Victoria PLBrunswick vs Meboune V U23X2
BrazilVitoria vs BotafogoX2
ChilePalestino vs S Wanderers1X
Euro Women QSlovakia vs ScotlandX2
Aus NPL VictoriaHeidelberg vs Melbourne1X
Ireland WomenSligo W vs Shelbourne WX2
BrazilCruzeiro vs Bragantino1X
NorwayFredrikstad vs MoldeX2
ChinaShandong vs Qingdao1X
Russia CupZenit vs Krasnodar1X
ChinaNanjing vs YunnanX2
Euro Q WomenFinland vs Norway2 @ 2.02
BrazilFlamengo vs Fotraleza1 @ 1.66
Australia NPL VictorisHeidelberg vs Melbourne1 @ 1.83
NorwayFredrikstad vs Molde2 @ 2.21
EstoniaParnu vs NommeOver 2.5 @ 1.75
NorwayOdd vs Ham-kam2 @ 2.42

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